Fall Paso Trip – Day 2

A bit delayed, as I work back on all the past trips!

After a great day with the Central Coast Jeep Adventure (see post here), we headed off for day two. Emily and I had planned a little ahead of time, making a list of places to visit and made two appointments for the day with the intent to share in the AM so we one of us could drive and then park back at the rental and walk around town to taste some more.

Sunday was a nice mix of larger producers and super small, as you can see through the pictures we visited: Sextant, Linne Calodo, Niner, Booker, Herman Story, Paso Underground (tasting the wines of Copia, Aaron and Aequorea), Clayhouse and Grizzly Republic.  After all was said and done, I realize these mega days are too much even when we split tastings.   I also became very aware that purchasing wine after 5pm also is not a good idea!


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