Fall Lompoc Trip

As I planned a fall wine trip to the Paso Robles area, I decided I needed an afternoon in Lompoc. This worked out well as I had a shipment to pick up as well as one for a friend. The wineries in the “wine ghetto” and mini “wine ghetto” never fail to disappoint.

Getting to Lompoc around 12 on a Friday was perfect as this is when most of the tasting rooms open.  We quickly stopped at Arcadian and Fiddlehead to pick up our orders before parking the car at the good ole’ O’Cairns Inn.

In twist of circumstance on our last visit to area we ran into  Angela the winemaker at Turiya and she invited us to return for a barrel tasting of her limited production wines. So we started our day there and continued tasting through the afternoon!

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